Magic is something you

Jul 20, 2017

Jun 27, 2017

This. This. This.   The very first pets I had growing up were a labrador retriever and a horse – at four years old, nothing made me feel more like a princess. I had a loyal companion that followed me everywhere I went, and an angelic horse that could take me anywhere. I named him […]

Jun 16, 2017

Sam’s Grandfather shared the sweetest story with me – When Alison and Sam began planning their wedding, they searched their calendars for the perfect date. They knew they wanted a summer wedding, and they already had their hearts set on the perfect location. Alison soon realized that the date they had chosen also happened to […]

Jun 6, 2017

I have been counting down to Sarah and Josh’s day for what feels like forever, and there was really no better way to spend my weekend. You won’t find another two hearts so gracious and loving!! Spend a few minutes with them and it’s evident the love they share…I love how Josh lights up and […]

May 23, 2017

We’re partying like its October 8th, 2016. After the big day, most would agree that every bride would love to do it all over again and soak up every ounce of sweetness just one more time. Last night was all that sweetness and more for Mindy and Brandon. I love this story – it shows just […]

May 18, 2017

This guy takes the cake when it comes to the fiancé role. This past weekend, I had to travel out of town for a wedding I was shooting – which, might I add, was absolutely awe-inspiring. It was wondrous. Sunday turned out to be a gorgeous, 80-degree day. I was on cloud nine. A little sweaty, […]

Apr 28, 2017

They walked hand in hand into the beach house, so excited for a relaxing vacation. It was Ken’s birthday, and Logan was thrilled to be spending it with Ken at one of their favorite getaway spots. After dinner, Logan realized they had forgotten beach towels for the weekend. She headed out to the local surf […]

Mar 27, 2017

This past weekend was a dream. I started my weekend off with this handsome senior, Noah and his amazing family. We spent the evening taking his senior photos at his Grandfather’s house, which actually holds a special place in my heart, too! When I was 4 years old, I would spend the day with Noah’s […]

Mar 27, 2017

Jay said something that I’ll never forget… Oh, guys! Where do I begin?! North Carolina has been showing off lately with this lovely 75 degree weather, and yesterday was no exception. I was so honored to be a part of Katie and Jay’s fairytale wedding! Their story has quickly become a favorite of mine! Jay […]

Jan 2, 2017

I have always been passionate about capturing people’s reactions when they are surprised with the most exciting news. The genuine laughs and smiles are priceless to me. In fact, the majority of the photos framed around my house are of my loved ones laughing and cutting up. I look at them everyday and my heart flutters! Just […]